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28 june 2012
IBG published annual financial statements for 2011

В соответствии с федеральным законом от 21.11.1996 N 129-ФЗ "О бухгалтерском учете" IBG published annual financial statements for 2011 в газете "Voronezh Courier"   № 70 ( 3309 ) on 28.06.2012 . The law defined the obligation of insurance companies to publish annual financial statements not later than July 1 of the year following the reporting one.

25 june 2012
IBG spent the next stage of training students in the framework of the corporate educational program "Academy of insurance business "

IBG conducts regular training and retraining of its employees and agents in the framework of corporate educational programs. The long-term teamwork of like-minded , flexible , stable earnings - that's only part of the reasons why people choose the profession of insurance agent and come to training " Academy of insurance business "   IBG.

15 june 2012
IBG presents its new corporate website www.ibg.ru

June 15 launched a new corporate website with the former IBG address www.ibg.ru. Developed on a new technological platform , has received a modern design , well thought out concept and structure . Services site provides a complete information about the company and its services , online consultation or book directly on the site policy .  
IBG expresses its gratitude to the staff media5   for showing creativity and quality of work.