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22 june 2015
IBG Management took part in the International Economic Forum
IBG Management took part in the International Economic Forum, прошедшего в северной столице 18-20 июня.
The business program of the Forum company leaders took part in the round tables and plenary sessions, a series of meetings and negotiations with representatives of business and government that helped to identify areas for further development and promotion of the company today.      
SPIEF brings together leading politicians and businessmen to identify and discuss issues and challenges facing Russia and the world community, emerging markets, attract the necessary forces to seek the common goal of finding solutions.  
On the site now the main themes were the issues of the Russian economy under sanctions, forecasts and prospects; extension of Western sanctions; the results of the rating of investment climate regions of the country, and a number of other topics.  
The forum was attended by over 10 thousand. People representing 120 countries.      
The discussion was attended by the leaders of Greece, China, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, and eight former heads of state, some 200 heads of foreign companies at the level of CEOs and 1500 - their Russian colleagues. It signed 205 agreements worth more than $ 293.4 billion. Rub., Of strategic importance for the country.  
The key event of the forum was the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the plenary session, the participants with the reassurance that Russia is open to the world and to stabilize the economic situation in the country.  
St. Petersburg Economic Forum completed its work, confirming the reputation of Russia's largest area of investment decisions.
9 june 2015
IBG held a conference, which was attended by the heads of the agency network company  

The main purpose was to discuss the strategic development of the company in the current economic conditions, the results of the first four months of this year, and plans for further development of the regional network.    

The conference heard reports of the heads of departments and heads of insurance companies.    

In addition, issues of coordination between regional offices, the balance of the insurance portfolio, the improvement of the organization and technology sales of insurance products in the region, the process of settlement of losses.    

During the discussion it was noted that despite the current situation in the country's insurance market, previously adopted strategy of the company has confirmed its effectiveness in practice. Among the positive dynamics of development, the increase in capitalization and profitability through the effective management of capital and gain a competitive advantage.    

The balance of the insurance portfolio is at an optimal level, that the realities of today's economy is one of the main indicators of the stability and reliability of the company.    

At the conference were awarded the most efficient staff of the Agency, adopted a number of recommendations and instructions.    

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7 may 2015
We remember! We are proud!

70 лет назад закончилась сама страшная война в истории всего человечества.

The Great Patriotic War has become sacred to our people. The feat of the soldiers who defended in fierce fighting freedom, independence and the right of people of the world, lives and will live in the memory of many generations.

To the 70-year anniversary of the Great Victory IBG it continues the action "We remember! We are proud!".

Let us express thanks and low bow to those who won back in 1945, say veterans of the Great Patriotic War heroes, thank you for our peaceful life, once again remember the great feat of the Soviet people.

Our duty - to preserve the feat of heroes in the hearts and memories of him pass the descendants.

Glory to the fallen soldiers of the Great Patriotic War! I bow to our veterans!

Fomenko Andrey Prokofievich Golikova Alexander Egorovna Bredikhin Nikolai Fedorovich George A. Baranov
Dmitry Vasilyev Ye Didyk Alexei Kondratyevich Konstantinov Nikolai Fedorovich Kutenkov Ivan
Yavluchenko Paul Fateevich Evorenko Lyudmila Isidorovna Alexey Filatov Georgy Isayev
Alexander Pushkin Vasilenko Ilya Andreyevich Peter A. Vasilenko Perov Aleksey Pavlovich
Joseph B. Podolsky Mazler Jacob Aronovich Cherkasov Ivan Maksimovic Boyko Sergey Ivanovich - Usov Ivan Nikiforovich
Boyko Ivan and his son Ilya Shapiro Yavluchenko Viktor Semenovich Yavluchenko Simon Fateevich
Kalinin Alexander Korzhov Yegorov Nikishin Rose V. Nikishin Timothy S.
Alexey Sorokin Mitrofanovich Antipov Pantelei Ye Andrey Kornienko Kondratievich Plotnikov Pyotr
Klipachev Alexey Pavlovich Vishnjakova Darya Petrovna Ivan Pankov Belousov Peter Kuzmich
Varfolomeev Viktor Sorokin, Samuel I. Bobreshov Nikolai Bobreshov Peter R.
Sidelnikov Gregory Nikitivich Derevschikov Vasily Maximovich Timofey Averin Semenovich
Zyplakov Vasily Bobkov Anatoly Sergeyevich Dikov Pavel Kashin Ivan Mikhailovich
Bubnov Mitrofan Ivanovich Block of wood Savely Samoylovich Demin Alexander Maria Zvereva Panteleevna
Lapshin Vasily

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