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24 may 2013
GC "Russian Roads" IBG and signed a memorandum of strategic partnership

State Company "Avtodor" and IBG adopted a memorandum of strategic partnership. The document was signed on May 24 the company's chairman of the State Sergei Kelbahom and CEO IBG Tatiana Moskalyova.      

The Memorandum provides for joint identification of the main criteria, ensuring reliable insurance protection of property interests of the State Company for the design, construction, reconstruction, overhaul, repair and maintenance of highways.  

IBG will participate in the improvement of the methodology of insurance and other financial risks SC "Russian Roads", and also to participate in working groups to jointly develop proposals for possible amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation and the development policy of the State Insurance Company.    

The state company "Russian Roads" ("Avtodor")   established July 17, 2009. The company's goal - the creation and development of a network of high-speed highways and free doubles, the maintenance of these roads in good condition, increasing their capacity, the development of infrastructure of road service.  

IBG (JSC "The insurance business group")   - Universal Russian insurance company, provides a full range of insurance services, specializing in the insurance of infrastructure projects in the field of transport construction. IBG was founded September 25, 1997.  
Since 3229 license number 36 from 14.03.2007, on the implementation of the insurance and the number 3229 P 36 from 14.03.2007 on the implementation of reinsurance.

22 may 2013
IBG published the annual consolidated financial statements under IFRS for the year 2012

IBG published annual consolidated financial statements for 2012 to International Financial Reporting Standards. Reports provided to the Federal Service for Financial Markets April 25, 2013 and posted on the official website of the IBG www.ibg.ru May 22, 2013 , is available for 5 years from the date of publication.

25 january 2013
IBG was among the first 19 insurance companies received a license for the mandatory liability insurance carrier (OSGOP)

01.25.2013 Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS) of Russia issued a license for the mandatory liability insurance carrier (OSGOP) the first 19 insurance companies, including the IBG. Under the law on OSGOP get all kinds of passenger transport other than passenger taxi (also acquired a special status subway).  

Now the maximum insurance payment for damage to the lives of passengers is 2,025 million rubles, the health of the passenger - 2 million rubles, property passengers - 23 thousand rubles.