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3 september 2012
IBG has taken part in the rally Voronezh business community on "Golden Ring" area

IBG He took part in the rally Voronezh business community to area attractions. The rally is dedicated to the development of local tourism and passed on "Golden Ring" of the Voronezh area: Kostenko - Ostrogozhsk - Kostomarovo - Pavlovsk - Museum-Reserve Divnogorie - Liski - Voronezh.    

Among the organizers and participants of the rally - the regional department of Chamber of Commerce, "Support of Russia", the Agency for Innovation and Development.      

IBG приняла участие в автопробеге

IBG приняла участие в автопробеге.

30 august 2012
IBG carries out the action devoted to the beginning of the school year, the distribution of reflective badges to first-graders in Voronezh schools - pupils active Policyholder Accident

In connection with the beginning of the school year on the streets of Voronezh, a large number of first graders who need to be careful when crossing the carriageway. IBG carries out action on the distribution of reflective badges in Voronezh schools & ndash; Policyholder active students accident. An icon in the form of light-reflecting trinket is attached to clothing or a backpack first-grader, to the drivers, especially in low light conditions, pay more attention to children crossing the road.

17 august 2012
"Expert RA" has raised the security rating IBG

The rating agency "Expert RA" raised the rating to the level of reliability of IBG A "high level of reliability"Rating outlook "stable" (likely save rated at the same level in the medium term). Previously, the company has acted rating of B ++ "Acceptable level of reliability" rating outlook "stable."  

"In raising reliability rating of stabilization affected a number of financial indicators of the company: there are low values of net loss ratio (25.3% in 2011) and combined net loss ratio (80.8% in 2011), the high values of the coefficient of current liquidity (157.6% on 1 April 2012) and the adjusted ratio of net insurance liquidity (90.2% on 1 April 2012), the highest deviation of the actual size of the regulatory solvency margin (473.2% on January 1, 2012), high enough equity (120.0% on April 1, 2012), high rates of return on assets (5.7% in 2011) and equity (13.3% in 2011), "- commented Tatiana Poludenko, Expert of the ratings of insurance companies "Expert RA".  

The investment portfolio is highly reliable, diversification, stability and liquidity.  

IBG in 2011 focused on the provision of insurance of construction risks, corporate property, insurance, hull insurance w / railway, passenger insurance.  

In 2011, according to the "Expert RA", IBG ranked 53rd in terms of total insurance premiums, 9 th place on the insurance of passengers, 12th insurance construction, 34 th in property insurance of legal persons 45first place for insurance.  

According to "Expert RA", on 01.07.2012 the company's assets amounted to 1,909,825 thou. Rubles, own funds - 718 386 thous. Rubles, the authorized capital - 502 002 thous. Rubles, the total insurance contributions for the first six months of 2012 amounted to 681 169 thous. rubles.  

IBG - universal Russian insurance company specializing in insurance of infrastructure projects in the field of transport construction.

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