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18 july 2012
IBG застраховала компанию ООО "РВК-Воронеж" по ОСОПО с объемом ответственности 175 млн. руб.

IBG has insured 13 hazardous industrial facilities owned by OOO " MER- Voronezh " . Договор ОСОПО заключен на срок 1 год с объемом ответственности 175 млн. руб. LLC " Voronezh - RVC " is a group of companies " ROCVODOKANAL " , which is the largest private operator in the field of water supply and sanitation in Russia.

10 july 2012
IBG has insured against accidents 100 schoolchildren leaving for summer vacation in the Voronezh region , the amount of 2 mln. Rubles .

Group of school children ( 100 ) insured against accidents   the full package of risks totaling 2 mln. rubles . , during the summer holidays in children's health camp "Salute" ( Voronezh region, Buturlinovka , cordon Kutsansky ) .

21 june 2012
IBG has insured the liability of the owners of two hot air balloons to passengers and third parties in the amount of 16.4 million . Rubles .

IBG insured liability of aircraft owners   ( two hot air balloons ) in Khabarovsk in the amount of 8.2 mln . rubles . each. Under the contract insured responsibility of the owner of the aircraft for damage to life , health or property of passengers and third parties .

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