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10 july 2012
IBG has insured against accidents 100 schoolchildren leaving for summer vacation in the Voronezh region , the amount of 2 mln. Rubles .

Group of school children ( 100 ) insured against accidents   the full package of risks totaling 2 mln. rubles . , during the summer holidays in children's health camp "Salute" ( Voronezh region, Buturlinovka , cordon Kutsansky ) .

21 june 2012
IBG has insured the liability of the owners of two hot air balloons to passengers and third parties in the amount of 16.4 million . Rubles .

IBG insured liability of aircraft owners   ( two hot air balloons ) in Khabarovsk in the amount of 8.2 mln . rubles . each. Under the contract insured responsibility of the owner of the aircraft for damage to life , health or property of passengers and third parties .

18 june 2012
IBG 457 persons insured under a contract with the energy company LCA .

IBG has insured 457 employees of energy companies LCA agreement   in the amount of 5.6 mln . rubles . The insured will be provided with qualified medical assistance in the case of treatment in clinics, hospitals and dental clinics . You can get emergency care, diagnostic examinations in health centers and centers of MRI diagnostics.

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