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2 february 2012
IBG insured 6000 schoolchildren accident

Over the last three months of 6000 IBG insured Voronezh schoolchildren.    
Accident insurance of schoolchildren   It is one of the main directions of the company for many years.    

The company provides favorable conditions for children's insurance, namely:  
1. The price of the policy is 1% of the sum insured (at 10 000 - the minimum amount for which you can insure a child fee is $ 100. The cost of insurance can be increased accordingly and payment will be higher);  
2. The insurance can be concluded at any time: a year, month, day, or even for a few hours.    

Insure the child can be both at school and contacting the company IBG at: Voronezh, st. Platonov, 16.