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24 august 2015
Eagle : IBG insured passengers of " Orelavtotrans "

Insurance agencies in the city of Orel contracts were concluded voluntary accident insurance of passengers transported by road of " Orelavtotrans ."    

According to the agreement the amount insured - 57 191 people .      
Insurance amounted to 8,578,650 , 00 rubles.
19 august 2015
IBG won the tender JSC "Russian Railways" for the right to security of railway infrastructure during the construction of the approaches to the transport passage through the Kerch Strait

The insurance contract will be provided by construction works and equipment construction site. In addition, insurance coverage will be provided liability for damage to life, health and property of third parties. Insurance contracts concluded for the 2015-2018 biennium. Shall enter into force upon signature and shall be valid up to the commissioning.

Kerch bridge - transport passage through the Kerch Strait. It is planned to build a bridge with railway and road tolls. The bridge will take place between the Kerch and Taman Peninsula across the island of Tuzla and Tuzla Spit. Construction of the bridge will give significant impetus to the economic development of the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.

The total amount of insurance liability under the contract - 7.1 bln. Rubles.

11 august 2015
Lipetsk: IBG has signed an insurance contract with "European standard"

Insurance agencies in the city of Lipetsk was contracted civil liability insurance in the production of the work to third parties. Insured acted company "European standard", carry out repair of houses under the contracts concluded with the Fund overhaul of the common property of apartment buildings in the Lipetsk region.  

Ltd. "European standard" works on the market of construction and installation work in the field of industrial and civil construction.  

Insurance amounted to 3.477 million rubles.

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