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26 august 2014
IBG has insured the construction of a new complex of the runway of the International Airport Sheremetyevo

IBG has entered into an insurance contract works on construction of the new complex of the runway of the International Airport Sheremetyevo.  

Insurance amounted to 3.8 bln. Rubles.      
Sheremetyevo International Airport - the largest Russian airport service scheduled international flights.  
The route network of the airport is more than 200 destinations.  
Sheremetyevo services to representatives of the three major airline alliances: SkyTeam (Air France, KLM, Delta, CSA Czech Airlines, Alitalia, China Southern Airlines, Korean Air, and others.)  ;  
Star Alliance (SAS, Air China, LOT, Adria Airways and others.)  ; Oneworld (Finnair)  .  
Sheremetyevo Airport - the largest airport complex on the area of the country.  
Sheremetyevo - a six passenger terminals on the south (terminals D, E, F and w / d terminal “Aeroexpress”)  
и северном (терминалы А, В, С)   секторах общей площадью свыше 480 тыс. кв. m and a capacity of more than 35 million passengers a year.
20 august 2014
IBG has insured the reconstruction of the road P-258 "Baikal" Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Chita, Buryatia Republic. "

IBG has entered into a contract of insurance works on the reconstruction of the road P-258 "Baikal" Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Chita, Buryatia Republic. "The insurance amounted to 1.4 billion. Rubles.    

Federal highway P-258 "Baikal" - federal road Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude - Chita.  
The road is a formal extension of the east road P-255 "Siberia", with which a part of the Asian route AH6.  
Roads classified as federal highways like connecting with each other administrative centers of Russia, which is denoted by the prefix P in its name.    

The road - 1 113 km., Technical category - III, characterized by difficult terrain with the width of the carriageway - 7 m.  
Roadbed width of the road - 12 m., The calculated traffic - 3,0          0          0           vehicles per day. Estimated speed - 10          0           km / h.  

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4 august 2014
IBG will insure the risks of " RZDstroy "

IBG has won the tender for complex insurance of construction risks of & laquo; RZDstroy & raquo ;. The total insured amount is 5.7 billion rubles . , The contract price ? 48,2 млн р.

Insurance protection will be provided , including the work on the restoration of railway stations in Tver and Malaya Vishera , upgrade platforms of the Moscow railway, the construction of holiday homes, garages , a new border station , and others .

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