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6 august 2012
IBG company started to pay damages in the Kuban

The first insurance payments in the amount of 15 million. RublesIt aimed at compensation for the damage caused by flooding in the Kuban.  

As a result of flooding caused damage produced by construction and assembly work, property, construction materials and special techniques in the construction of the station in the area of 9 km of the North-Caucasian railway.  

Previously, experts of the Department of settlement of losses and of financial and technical control IBG, quickly arrived at the scene, where, together with contractors and customer representatives participated in the meeting on the development of an operational plan for flood relief and the level of damage caused.  

According to preliminary estimates, the total amount of damage is over 30 mln. Rubles.  

Construction of the station 9km North-Caucasian railway insured by IBG insurance contract construction and installation work   the project "Integrated development of the Novorossiysk transport hub (Krasnodar region)" in the amount of 12, 361 billion. Rubles.  

IBG - universal Russian insurance company specializing in insurance of infrastructure projects in the field of transport construction.

IBG выплатит страховое возмещение за ущерб нанесенный строительно-монтажным работам в районе строительства станции 9 км Северо-Кавказской железной дороги.

1 august 2012
IBG has paid 507.3 thousand . Rub. for damages resulting from the vanishing electric rails

IBG has paid 507.3 thousand . Rub. for damages resulting from the vanishing electric overhead 80C with rails , as well as emergency repair work at the station Shuklin , South- Eastern Railway.

27 june 2012
IBG has paid a resident of Moscow in the amount of insurance compensation 132 thousand . Rub. under a contract of accident insurance of railway passengers

IBG payment of insurance compensation in the amount of 132 thousand . Rub. resident of Moscow , was injured during heavy braking of the train " Michurinsk -Moscow " at the entrance to the Kazan station . The victim was insured by accidents on the railways   $ 500 thousand . rub.