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6 november 2014
IBG has commissioned a new nationwide call-center
IBG has commissioned a new nationwide call-center в целях организации круглосуточной "горячей линии" для клиентов по ДМС.
Free caller calls the number 8-800-775-20-50   taken from fixed and mobile phones from any point of Russia.      
This allows you to more effectively organize professional assistance for insurance programs, trends in medical institutions, operational expert help of medical experts.  
As part of the call-center 24/7 support is provided by highly skilled operators and insured physicians company.      
Multichannel allow the federal number as quickly as possible to address emerging issues related to this type of insurance. Call-center operators taking calls from people in the country every day around the clock. Other contact numbers of the company IBG also continues to work as usual.
29 september 2014
"Expert RA" (RAEX) confirmed the reliability rating of IBG at A

The rating agency "Expert RA" (RAEX) confirmed the reliability rating of the insurance company IBG at A "high level of reliability", the third sub-layer. The rating outlook is "stable".  

Positive impact on the rating had a significant deviation of the actual solvency margin of the minimum share capital (62.8% on 30.06.2014), the high value of the current liquidity ratio (149.3% on 06/30/2014), and the adjusted net insurance liquidity (95,5% on 06.30.2014). "The agency also notes high reliability (the share of investments in facilities with a rating of" A + "or higher Expert RA (RAEX) and / or a similar rating of other international rating agencies was 88.9% at 06/30/2014) and the diversification of the investment portfolio (ratio Herfindahl-Hirschman concentration = 0.140 on 06/30/2014) "- says an expert on the insurance rating" Expert RA "(RAEX) Ekaterina Zuikova.  

The company specializes in providing insurance services for other corporate property and insurance. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in the 1st half 2014 IBG took 70th place among Russian insurers in terms of the value of contributions, 13 place in other property insurance of legal persons, 71 place by insurance.    

According to "Expert RA" (RAEX), on 06.30.2014 IBG assets totaled 1,839,771 thousand. Rubles, own funds - 843 671 thous. Rubles, the authorized capital - 553 002 thous. Rubles. During 2013 the company collected 1,109,546 thou. Rubles of insurance premiums for the 1st half of 2014 - 932 472 thous. Rubles.

6 august 2014
IBG was awarded the Diploma of the Russian Union of Builders

За существенный вклад в укрепление и развитие строительного комплекса компания IBG was awarded the Diploma of the Russian Union of Builders.

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