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14 october 2014
IBG has implemented the first payment in the amount of 964,000 rubles as a result of arson crane Moscow railway

07.24.2014 at the Moscow railway station in the direction of the Gorky Moscow passenger -Kurskaya - Railway unknown persons set fire to four vehicles.  

As a result of arson damaged crane truck MAZ .  

The stated amount of insurance compensation of 7.9 million rubles.      

As part of the insurance contract construction risks IBG has made the first payment .  

The amount of insurance compensation amounted to 964 000 rub .

19 september 2014
IBG paid 8169 259,00 rubles for damage to the road M -9 < Baltics >

5/24/13 due to torrential rains had washed away the soil under the base of the soundproofing screen the area 17 + 910 - km 83 + 068 of M- 9 < Baltics > , which led to the destruction of aboveground and underground parts directly to the screen , as well as the destruction of the pavement and curb.  

As part of the contract of insurance of construction risks IBG paid 8169 259,00 rubles inflicted as a result of damage to the showers .

6 june 2014
IBG has paid 151,302.71 rubles for damage to the locomotive in a traffic accident .

When the station Hotynets prosledovanii 39.03.2014 , at 16 hr . 40 min. 62 km section of the railway , " Eagle Bryansk " an accident involving locomotive TEP70 and 2115 because of the driver of the vehicle.As a result of the accident diesel locomotive was damaged .  

The amount of reimbursement under the insurance contract of the rolling stock was 151 302.71 rubles.