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6 june 2014
IBG has paid 151,302.71 rubles for damage to the locomotive in a traffic accident .

When the station Hotynets prosledovanii 39.03.2014 , at 16 hr . 40 min. 62 km section of the railway , " Eagle Bryansk " an accident involving locomotive TEP70 and 2115 because of the driver of the vehicle.As a result of the accident diesel locomotive was damaged .  

The amount of reimbursement under the insurance contract of the rolling stock was 151 302.71 rubles.

2 june 2014
IBG has paid 388,000 rubles injured in a traffic accident on the road Voronezh - Novovoronezh.

18.03.2014g. on a / d Voronezh - Novovoronezh collided vehicles VAZ 2106 and GAZ minibus, which resulted in the taxi turned over. As a result of this event 6 passengers suffered taxi.  

All the victims in the accident IBG has paid for the damage to their health in the framework of the contract liability insurance carriers. The total amount of insurance indemnity under the insurance contract amounted to 388,000 rubles.

21 march 2014
As part of the insurance contract vehicle IBG has paid out in the amount of 1602 663,26r

07.11.2013 in the village Pushkarnoe Belgorod region caught fire combine insured under hull insurance under the contract   Company « Krasnojaruzhsky Grain Company ». &Nbsp;The fire completely destroyed the engine compartment of the grain and rear wheels .