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Marine risks

A contract of marine insurance is an agreement whereby the insurer undertakes to indemnify the assured, in the manner and to the extent agreed, against losses incidental to marine adventure. There is a marine adventure when any insurable property is exposed to maritime perils i.e. perils consequent to navigation of the sea. The term 'perils of the sea' refers only to accidents or causalities of the sea, and does not include the ordinary action of the winds and waves. Besides, maritime perils include, fire, war perils, pirates, seizures and jettison, etc.

Types of marine insurance:

  • Hull & Machinery Insurance: covers the insurance of the vessel and its equipment i.e. furniture and fittings, machinery, tools, fuel, etc. It is effected generally by the owner of the ship.
  • Cargo Insurance: includes the cargo or goods contained in the ship and the personal belongings of the crew and passengers.
  • Protection & Indemnity Insurance: is one in which the insurer undertakes to indemnify against the loss which the insured may suffer on account of liability to a third party caused by collision of the ship and other similar hazards
  • Types of Marine Insurance Policies:

  • Voyage policy: is a policy in which the subject matter is insured for a particular voyage irrespective of the time involved in it. In this case the risk attaches only when the ship starts on the voyage.
  • Time policy: is a policy in which the subject matter is insured for a definite period of time. The ship may pursue any course it likes, the policy would cover all the risks from perils of the sea for the stated period of time. A time policy cannot be for a period exceeding one year, but it may contain a 'continuation clause'. The 'continuation clause' means that if the voyage is not completed within the specified period, the risk shall be covered until the voyage is completed, or till the arrival of the ship at the port of call

  • IBG covers the full range of P&I risks the Shipowners need.

    The risks we usually offer in a standard insurance quotation for a General Cargo vessel:

    • Liability to persons other than crew
    • Crew liability
    • Collisions liability
    • Liability for damage caused to floating and fixed objects (FFO)
    • Cargo liabilities
    • Liability arising out of towage
    • Wreck removal liability
    • Pollution liability
    • Liability for property on insured ship
    • Costs of prevention or minimizing claims and legal costs (Sue and labour, legal costs)

    If so required, we can include additional risks into our offer, such as:

    • Fines liability
    • Compensation for expenses related to life salvage
    • Compensation for expenses associated with deviation
    • Compensation of expenses associated with the application of counter claims
    • Responsibility for war risks and others.

    We offer coverage in accordance with the limits and requirements of the major international conventions:

    • Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims (LLMC 1976 and the Protocol of 1996)
    • International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage (CLC 1969 and the Protocol of 1992)
    • International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage (BUNKER 2001)
    • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006)

    Our Blue Cards are accepted by the majority of world’s Flag administrations.

    Application for H&M insurance (ссылка для скачивания)

    Rules of H&M insurance (ссылка для скачивания)

    IBG offers the following coverage options in H&M:

    • Total loss and damage
    • Total loss and salvage
    • Total loss only

    We can issue quotations based on either IBG H&M Insurance Rules or Institute Time Clauses.

    The scope of coverage depends on the Shipowner’s request as well as on the vessel’s class, age, condition survey report.

    Application for H&M insurance (ссылка для скачивания)

    Rules of H&M insurance (ссылка для скачивания)

    We offer our clients a very professional expertize in claim handling. We are happy to provide our assistance all the way if there is a claim. Our experts have a vast experience in handling complicated marine claims all around the globe.

    We talk to the client, we help the client deal with the authorities, the solutions we help the client handle the claim in the best way possible. Unlike many other insurers, we do not request enormous amounts of documents and papers when there is a claim.

    IBG is fully committed to protecting our clients interests therefore we consider our financial stability a matter of highest importance.

    Being a responsible insurer who is willing to pay losses we have a reinsurance protection in place, placed by AON UK.

    Our treaty protects our portfolio from any large losses we might suffer, and therefore, ensures our financial stability.

    The treaty is led by very reliable and stable reinsurer: DUAL Corporate Risks Limited for and on behalf of Kiln Syndicate 510 at Lloyd’s, TMK Syndicate 1880 at Lloyd’s and AIG Europe Limited (all the companies are rated not less than A+ by S&P).


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